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PACE Transition Program

Program for Academic and Community Enrichment

New Horizons Academy at Sara’s Garden believes that students learn best in an environment that models life after graduation. Program for Academic and Community Enrichment (PACE) students from middle school to age 22 enter into a person-centered program that is designed to maximize their potential in achieving a variety of functional, social, academic, and behavioral goals.

Our goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to gain skills to be as independent as possible. Students work to improve math, reading, and writing. These lessons are designed to teach the key basic skills that are needed as students transition into the community where they will live, learn, work, and play. Our curriculum is based on the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) standards and taught by licensed teachers.

The goal of NHA’s PACE transition program is to facilitate the successful transition to life after high school. NHA offers students comprehensive on-campus and off-campus vocational training. Eligible students are able to gain valuable work experience with local employers. Students and employers are matched based on the employer’s need and the student’s vocational assessment, individual abilities and career interests.

The PACE program focuses on growth in the following pathways to independence:

Money Management and Budgeting

  • Understanding Personal Finance
  • Balancing Checking Accounts
  • Paying Bills
  • Personal Budget Planning
  • Creating Menus and Shopping
  • Ordering and Paying at Restaurants


  • Safely Walking, Biking, or Riding the Bus
  • Using Caution In Interactions With Others
  • Problem Solving In Finding Desired Location

Utilizing Community Services

  • Access the Post Office and Library
  • Working with Adult Service Agencies
  • Obtaining Ohio State Identification Card
  • When to Use 911
  • Asking for Assistance

Health, Nutrition and Personal Hygiene

  • Choosing and Preparing Nutritious Foods
  • Using Appropriate Manners
  • Using Public Restrooms
  • Practicing Acceptable Personal Hygiene

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