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NHA Career Center

Vocational Training that Works

The NHA Career Center is situated on the Shoop Avenue campus in Wauseon and houses our PACE program (Program for Academic and Community Enrichment).

New Horizons Academy at Sara’s Garden believes that students learn best in an environment that models life after graduation. PACE students from middle school to age 22 enter into a person-centered program that is designed to maximize their potential in achieving a variety of functional, social, academic, and behavioral goals.

Our goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to gain skills to be as independent as possible. Students work to improve math, reading, and writing. These lessons are designed to teach the key basic skills that are needed as students transition into the community where they will live, learn, work, and play. Our curriculum is based on the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) standards and taught by licensed teachers.

Student employment complements their interests. Students provide input on how he or she wants to live in the future. A job coach serves as a liaison between the school, parents, and the local worksite providing support towards successful work transition after graduation.

Our career center features academic classrooms and life skills labs as well as a fully functioning coffee shop, Special Grounds Coffee Co., to provide students with invaluable real world life skills training in preparation for life after high school.

As with our other campuses, this campus has a video surveillance system that monitors and records activity in all areas of the facility To maintain the safety and security of the students we serve, access to the building is also controlled by a magnetic security system.

All classrooms utilize SmartBoard technology for delivering educational lesson plans. This technology helps our students improve communication skills through group collaboration. It gives our staff the ability to present things visually, and provide ease in creating and altering activities to control students’ learning.

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