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New Horizons Academy’s curriculum has a goal of exposing the students to all of the learning experiences that are a part of all early childhood, primary, middle and high school programs. This includes:

  • Learning about themselves, each other, their families, homes, community and world;
  • Learning how to get along with adults and other children;
  • Learning to share when appropriate and to assert themselves when needed;
  • Learning to solve problems effectively and fairly;
  • Learning to communicate their needs, wants and ideas effectively and appropriately;
  • Learning to express themselves through a variety of musical experiences, art media and play materials;
  • Learning about their own bodies and how to move through space;
  • Developing self-confidence, body strength and coordination;
  • Developing good school and learning behaviors such as paying attention, sitting still, taking turns, following directions, respecting authority, etc.:
  • Increasing vocabulary;
  • Learning writing, reading, math, science, social studies and other academic skills’
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence and an “I can” attitude

The curriculum is individualized with emphasis on challenging each student academically, socially, physically and behaviorally, regardless of developmental level.

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