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Monday, March 23, 2020


We just concluded a videoconference call with our staff regarding our educational plans moving forward into this two week stay-at-home order from Governor DeWine. Staff will start reaching out to you tomorrow with plans for your child’s education, instruction and therapies. Please be prepared for their calls. If you have any questions after speaking to your teachers, please email Mr. Marty and he will get back with you.


Friday, March 20, 2020

NHA Parents & Staff,

We wanted to update you on what is happening at the school as we move into the second week of Ohio’s extended break.

This coming Monday morning, March 23, we hosting a conference call with the staff from both campuses to finalize details for how we plan to deliver educational and intervention services to our students for the remaining two weeks of our state imposed break and beyond.

We are committed to delivering as many services as we possibly can while remaining compliant with the government’s mandate for social distancing for the safety of your children and our staff in order to flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19. We have purchased a curriculum that will allow us to provide most of our students with the ability to receive home-based instruction, provide parents with valuable resources and provide the school with measurable tracking and reporting that will satisfy ODE’s educational requirements. For our other students, we will have modifiable, downloadable activities available. All online services will be accessible via all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Starting next week, our teachers will begin reaching out to you to get you setup for online access and check-in on your child’s progress.

Is that it? In the words of Pete the Cat… “Goodness no!” We realize that we serve a population of kiddos that need far more than a simple home-based instruction plan can possibly solve. As soon as we are able, we plan to begin in-person small group instruction and intervention at both campuses, including the vital therapies that your children need, such as ABA, conductive education, speech and occupational therapy. This will be scheduled in a manner that will allow us to remain compliant with the government’s caps on how many people can congregate together. We would love to give you specific timelines, but as you know things are changing on a daily basis which makes that impossible to predict.

I’m sure that you, just like us, have more questions than we have answers for. Things are obviously changing on a daily basis as our state and national leaders work to ensure our safety and slow the spread of this virus. We will continue to provide you with updates as new information is made available to us that impacts how and when we are able to provide additional services to our students.

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and enjoy these precious moments with your families. We can’t wait to see you all again… hopefully very soon!


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